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Former College Athlete Finally Finds Perfect Workout - December 2008

Former College Athlete Finally Finds Perfect Workout – December 2008

Tiffany is an athlete. She played basketball for Missouri State and University of Central Missouri. After graduation, she needed an effective workout that would keep up with her work schedule. She found TITLE Boxing Club.

“I have never been into treadmills, stair steppers, elliptical machines, etc,” she explains. ”I love a physical workout which allows me to gain muscle, lose weight and burn calories all at the same time.”

A member since September, she loves everything about TITLE Boxing Club. She truly believes that the staff cares about members’ results and the workouts are beneficial to everyone.

“From the instructors to the manager and to all the other members, it’s a great environment,” she said. “It’s not just about how many members show up a night, or how many people you’ve referred. They want to know how it’s working for each individual member.”

And Tiffany is seeing results. In past years she has been unable to get much definition, but with the Power Hour total body workouts, she is. Because the last 15 minutes of each class is abdominals, her stomach is more toned and flat.

She works out about four to five times a week. For Tiffany, missing one day is like missing three. She trains at the Lee’s Summit location, and recommends the intense physical workouts to everyone.

“I’ve been to 24 Hour Fitness, but I find myself being there for hours lifting, running, doing abs and cardio,” she said. “Why do all that when you could get everything in just an hour workout at TITLE Boxing Club?”