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Group Fitness Classes in Pickerington, Ohio

Kick your fitness routine into high gear.

High intensity interval training classes at TITLE Boxing Club Pickerington combine cardiovascular exercise with strength and agility training. Personal trainers focus on instruction and motivation in every fitness boxing and kickboxing workout. Get ready to burn calories with the help of energetic trainers that guide you through full body workouts.

Fitness Classes with Extreme Calorie Burn

You can burn up to 1,000 calories* in every Power Hour depending on your intensity. All fitness levels are welcome, so you can go at your own pace. People of all ages and fitness levels can burn serious calories at our kickboxing cardio fitness classes. Our explosive group fitness classes will keep you energized for the entire hour. TITLE Boxing Club Pickerington, we expect you to come to our cardio classes ready for an intense and rewarding workout.

Fitness Classes Designed to See Results

Our boxing and kickboxing workouts are designed by fitness pros and led by motivational personal trainers. That means that you’’ll see results after just one fitness class at TITLE Boxing Club Pickerington. Our group fitness classes are designed to improve your health, burn calories, tone muscle and gain strength and coordination through full body workouts. Our members keep coming back because they continually see better results. They come back for more weight loss, body sculpting and lifestyle changes.

Fitness Class Options

Pick the cardio classes classes that’ are best for you. TITLE Boxing Club Pickerington offers boxing and kickboxing cardio fitness classes. All group classes are led by trainers who will teach you the basic jabs, hooks, kicks and punches you need for your workout. All classes incorporate a warm up and body-toning cool down. We use a unique mix of boxing and kickboxing moves for THE optimal fitness classes. The results of these fitness classes at TITLE Boxing Club Pickerington are real and satisfying. You’ll be glad you tried your first shot free.

*Requires hand wraps and gloves.

Explosive fitness classes where you can burn up to 1,000 calories* per hour.

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